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Evil Tiktok

TikTok: The Most Evil Business In The World

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Engagement algorithms are extremely toxic.

Our most popular platforms today are centralized systems of control that exploit us rather than empower us. Users and creators are disconnected from the value they create, and hold no ownership from their contributions to the platform. Instead, they and all users are treated as income streams where user data is collected, hidden from the users, and sold to further mine profits.

Outside of the incentive system being broken, we are letting ENGAGEMENT algorithms run the entire recommendation feed of every major social platform today massively effecting the moods and critical thinking skills of our peers and children. From a consumer standpoint, the algorithm that the user is force-fed content from is unable to be changed, which develops a toxic relationship between the platform and the user.

As we as a society continue to make progress in identifying physical and mental health risks, this engagement algorithm is finally shifting in the public eye for the evil that it is. While these algorithms may not get any less toxic and addicting, we can hope for new cultural boundaries to be set that will push people to live healthier lifestyles.

Just like with cigarettes the addictive nature was weaponized by corporations who saw the capability to hook users, before our culture caught up to vilify cigarettes for what they actually did. Luckily we largely overcame that battle as a culture and while the cigarette itself did not get any less addicting, we simply upgraded our cultural boundaries which matured to avoidance of these unhealthy dopamine sticks.

Now, we face dopamine flicks.

While returning to breathing air was the simple alternative for cigarettes, getting people to stop using these toxic platforms requires a healthy replacement of social, educational, and entertainment platform that is captivating, but empowering.

We wholeheartedly believe that Social Media and content recommendation systems can empower individuals rather than extract from them and we are making a bet on culture moving forward to understand choosing algorithms like a picking to hang with a toxic or healthy friend. Especially as we as a society help the understanding that our peers and children are being given information by a super toxic, and negative persona because in reality that's exactly what the algorithm is designed to do. Engagement algorithms maximize your engagement at all costs, not factoring in your mental health.

Whether it’s a friend or an algorithm, both are external filters for new information and experiences. To make the toxic trait more clear let’s personify the engagement algorithm for your friend Karen. Karen does not care about you or your well being, in fact the one thing Karen cares about is getting as much attention of yours as possible. Karen has zero regard for your mental health. In fact, Karen has no limit on what she wants from you. Her end goal is having you not move from your bed, or the couch, and if you want to talk to your friends, she only wants it to go through her.

TikTok was the top performing social platform in 2021 and is winning this 2022. By allowing user generated videos in the vertical format and providing an infinite feed of content, it took the social world by storm. Kids and Adults have become so addicted to it that it has taken over a majority of the attention sphere and its creator ByteDance is now worth over $470 Billion. But many of their users distrust the platform as it is a known centralized spyware platform with all data being fed to the Chinese Government. Socialverse aims to fix these problems through transparency and progressive decentralization, which will increasing allow user governance over the platform.

Our Solution:

Empowerverse - Aligning Media Recommender System Holy Vible | The Inevitable Movement

[More about the problem and solution on the website + whitepaper]

Macro Goal: Popularize A Social Media Platform That Promotes Healthy And Motivating Content and decentralizes the network to the users.



Creating Videos On Certain Subjects Requires A Bunch Of Effort. Alot of the best information is generated by people who have specialized in writing skills. This format limits distribution of high quality information to the masses.

More importantly, the ability to take over the attention economy and create a centralized mass media company is a potential risk if in the hands of purely capitalistic minds. It will be less profitable, but better for humanity for this capability to build a massive media company to be used to empower and educate than to extract.


Investing into Ai generated video, where we are able to automatically create high quality videos from text. As a company we are also building software to open up the new bottleneck that will exist from auto-generated content which is the distribution of it. Doing so will allow us to have every single piece gain global influence, with automatic translations and voiceovers in new languages, and posting to separate accounts on major platforms around the globe. More writings on the memo on the bottom of our website.

Our Company:


Macro Goal: Lowering The Barrier Of Entry To Create Amazing Engaging Content And Use The Reach To Educate And Empower The Populace



For the same price as a Louie Vitton bag, a family could have a roof over their heads for the rest of their life. If a penny saved is a penny earned, then a Louie Bag is a home burned. Right now there is no alternative bag that also gives the buyer status, while representing and completing this altruistic mission. The greater goal here is to enter the entertainment / arts market and influence the main thing we wear which collectively defines status around a certain metric. Currently that is purely $$$, we think changing it to altruism will massively reshape culture in a positive way.


Make Designer Design A Better World by providing luxury alternatives that represent the fulfillment of these altruistic acts.

While the many houses this can create is great, the underlying cultural shift is the reason why we rank it as a top priority to execute.

It will help us push forward the inevitable future of a world where we culturally value doing good to others as the main status point.

OurFull Debrief On The Effectiveness Of Redefining Status:

🌟 Redefine Status

Work We Did In Preparation For Launching Designer Brand:


The Shelter Duffel: 1 Bag Bought = 1 House Built

Macro Goal: Shed Light On The Wasteful Practice Of Designer Goods and Offer Designer Goods That Represent Charitable Acts Instead. Redefine Status From Wasteful Spending To Fruitful Altruism.



We live in a world that rests on an assumption that we can fathom what is possible and what is not. Yet history has shown us that the impossible often becomes possible, and that the dreams that seem out of our reach become very real. Everything on this earth, every one of humanity’s achievements is simply a manifestation of how high we have previously aimed.

In Short: The future is created by the belief/wants of the whole of humanity. The easiest way to change the future is to change the collective perception of it.

Religion and Philosophy have long sense been our deepest set frameworks, marking our vision for the future and holding us to a certain standard of operating in the world. Many of the most famous ones tell the same core truths with wildly different names and stories.

In that sense religions are packaging the idea of faith, hope, and eternal life in different ways often adding a rulebook to them. Nowadays these dogmas of the past are losing their ability to motivate. As the world gets flooded with information we need something shorter, tangible, and more universal to believe in.

As Noah’s Ark protected some of the planet from being wiped out. We seek to build arks of philosophy/religion/vibes that act as doorways to faith for a better future. In an understanding of vibes, ideas, philosophies, and relationships as the eternally beneficial portions of life we focus on them as the core.

It’s impossible to take an action without the motivation to do sothe larger the motivation the more action that will be taken.

If you can change the worlds motivations you change the output of man, changing the future timeline we exist in.

There is no GREATER impact, no greater altruist movement, then switching more nodes of the human race into a path of faith, abundance, and motivation to make positive change in THEIR life, and thus others.

Not only that but with the falling rates of belief in previous faith frameworks are primed for a new global unifying philosophy.

In order to make this change and have the HIGHEST POSSIBLE EFFECT POSSIBLE I believe we need to get AS MANY people possible to agree with this too (I mean that’s no surprise).

After all, your identity creates your perception which creates your thoughts which creates your actions. If we can help point people to a brighter north star, we have a much higher chance of getting there.

preading this north star is the most effective thing one can do in terms of bringing to light its achievement. The core idea of the philosophies / religions below very much the same. The core goal for all of them is to provide people a new COMMUNITY to identify with that has this goal of an increase in meaning, perspective, thinking of others, etc.

Below are a variety of different brands/packaging for these ideas, from which we will be looking to create movements from. We will try each one out on a launchpad, with media, and social accounts, recruiting mechanisms, and having various thought leaders help run them, and we will see which STICK in society and spread. In business this is called finding product-market fit.

Macro Goal: Decrease Fear and Depression Globally, Help People Find Purpose And Meaning, Fight Nihilism


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