You will own everything AND you will reach nirvana.

Blackrock down

The right of the internet said

I couldn’t sleep as I lay in my bed

Why do we put down

When I wish to put up

To empower and seek growth up and away

Like a flower that blooms on a bright summer day

I wish and I wish and at night I pray

But instead of waiting, and wishing for more

I decided to take action and to stand for more

Rather than put my hands together to pray as i might

I put my fingers to the keyboard to join the cyberfight

And what came out is what you just read

A poem about the creation of literally what I said

A company that would empower and seek glory galore

A company that would bring together two twin towers of colors and more

The left and the right the red and the blue

Why cant we come together and unify like glue

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