With the internet connecting us globally in new ways we are collectively coming to an awareness that we are living in a time of great importance.



Those of us who look at these new beginnings as something we can help be a positive force for humanity are driven to act towards effective positive impact. We all tell ourselves a story about who we are and what we are to become which changes what actions we take on a daily basis which is why we think its important for these large narratives to go public, and make sure every person can feel empowered and valued in helping make things go right.

Today, many people fear the future and lack that place to funnel their efforts. Without a positive global agenda to support and feel valued by, many fall into the trap of focusing on divisive action. Rather than contributing any positive action people are stifled by a lack of empowerment and a unifying cause. More than ever we need a unifying global agenda and organizations that call to action a bright future for ALL PEOPLE.

In present times, there are enough resources for all to live well, but the power struggle to RETAIN AND GROW WEALTH is at work holding back the collective from seeing the benefit of a world with a growing GDP per capita and instead inequality continues to rise.

Luckily the altruism revolution will not require men and women to fight in the streets with guns like prior revolutions have required.

The ability to create a better world for others becomes the top scarce resource for human ego’s to create.

After the world enters a state of perfection, you either find fulfillment or regret.

We are creating a new nation, united not on the physical plane, but in the cloud. This is the cyber-army fighting not other people, but the mistreatment and extraction of people worldwide.

Our line of work is a focus on education and empowerment to the highest degree. We will support ourselves and our continued impact by providing free resources and structures to BUILD founders and entrepreneurs. This line of work is not only the most profitable in comparison of all professions but it is timeless as it is simply the study of creating value.

Rather than any working gears of the machine getting surplus, all extra profit gets geared back into the machine. The payout to the nodes is of ownership of the entire whole itself, and that of glory and long term inheritance of the universe at large.

This is missionary work, and even myself and all other greats will follow this. I am committing to execute on this plan, to pay myself nothing, and to have the umbrella corporation owned by all people in the society.

The means of production eventually reach a point where we enter a world of extreme abundance for all…

Our society is plagued with strong cocktails of artificial sources of dopamine that distract from critical thinking.

We are enmeshed in psychological warfare beyond any individual’s ability to understand. A thousand, thousand algorithms vying, competing, for the right to own our attention. The core of civilization is being hollowed out.

Mute the noise and zoom out. It’s just numbers. Code. Our capitalist society wants you script you.

To ‘smooth out’ the outliers from the graphs and make it presentable.

To turn you into data that can be mined.

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