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You will own everything and you will reach nirvana.


To symbolize a movement or ideology that aims to counter negativity, encourage positivity, and work towards a better future for all

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“BLACKROCK DOWN” - Poetic Expression

The right of the internet said
Which made me think, as I lay in my bed
Why put down
When we can push up
Why do we frown
When we can setup
We have the power of connectivity in our hands
Why not spread memes of good vibes through the lands
Maybe we do not see the power they hold
To help kickstart a greater narrative that is bold
One that will empower us and push the bad vibes away
Opening our hearts like a flower on a bright summer day
I wish for this deeply so much that I pray
But instead of waiting and wishing away
I choose to make my actions a positive display
Of faith and love for our world that is grand
For taking actions that the great creator demands
So if you put your hands together to pray as you might
Then you must also put those fingers to work in this cyberfight
Spread this poem and the narrative it represents
The seconds it takes, is time well spent
Waking others up to the ongoing clash for the future of man
Aligning simply with the idea of focusing on a positive plan
An agenda that leads to a party on the moon with a sick dance floor
An agenda to unite two twin towers of color and more
From the left to the right to the red and the blue
We will come together, super like glue
Inter-connected by more than our eye can see
We will make purple reign, and from this rock we’ll spread free.

What does Blackrock down mean?

Blackrock lost peoples’ support by spreading the narrative of imagining a future where people own nothing.



So we came along with a new narrative for the people:


PURPLEROCK becomes more relevant than BLACKROCK = Inevitable

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Accelerating the Inevitable goodness of the future of mankind.

1. We manage, operate, and raise funds that support the global agenda linked above.

2. We are a part of this transparent agenda that promises to use profits for the sole purpose of continuing forward plans for a better world for all people.

Below are links to the funds we are in the process of kickstarting:

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Delegate Capital

Venture Fund

“We focus on the pre-founder stage, allowing us to invest in founder potential in the most resourceful and effective way possible. Delegate capital is a direct approach of investment into value creators. Rather than the approach taken in Venture Capital where a premium is placed by the Entrepreneur...

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Web 3 Social Fund

Our memo

“Innovate from anywhere with secure and agile IT solutions. From device to cloud to edge, with Dell Technologies you can innovate and adapt like no before so you’re always ready for the next opportunity. The Dell Technologies portfolio delivers technology to support your business on its journey to digital...

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4 th RF

Fourth Revolution Fund

“Catalyzing startup’s stories that push forward positive global narratives”. When the world went online major breakthroughs created vast new industries. Software ate the world, and from that our entire human race’s collective consciousness, is shifting in ever increasing rates via the internet...

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